Dan Mills
PHP & Web Application Developer/Manager
Web developer with team-lead and project-management experience looking for immediate opportunities. At a stage in my career where I can afford to focus on good works over good money.
Web Systems Analyst & Developer
America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP)
January 2021
Maintained & managed the web presence on small IT team at large insurance trade organization Used REST API & Javascript to communicate between an iMIS-powered CRM system and CraftCMS-powered web platform Used Wordpress platform to host & maintain a variety of issue-advovacy sites Developed queries and business objects in iMIS to support public & staff user interfaces Monitored & improved security practices in Amazon Web Services, WP Engine and other environments Primary technical facilitator between vendors & non-technical staff See www.ahip.org
Application Development Manager
Faith Direct / Ministry Brands
January 2013
November 2020
Developed & maintained large church eGiving program in Linux-Apache-Mysql-PHP stack Worked primarily in Codeigniter while keeping legacy code in working order Front-end, back-end & in-between, including system admin & DBA Led & managed small team of developers & QA Product collected ~$350 million in 2020, representing ~3 million individual payment transactions Major Accommplishments: • Moved app from IIS to Apache 2013; became primary CentOS sysadmin 2016 • Upgraded credit card encrytion 2014; managed password rehashing 2015; implemented Worldpay tokenization 2018 • Rebuilt & redesigned donor giving site in MVC framework (Codeigniter) 2015-16 • Rebuilt & redesigned admin/church staff sites in MVC framework 2017-20 • Developed all new production run and payment processing system (Worldpay) 2017-2018 • Implemented new data export system consuming third-party REST API 2019 • Abstracted Faith Direct as a white label product 2020 • Built & deployed 70 app releases 2013 to 2020 • Processing volume more than doubled in 5 years I led app development See membership.faithdirect.net/locator for public sample of work
Lead Web Developer
Wyatt Investment Research
November 2007
January 2013
Build and maintain content delivery and e-commerce systems in a Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP environment. Front-end user interface and back-end business logic development for multiple sites. Sole developer for secure e-commerce platform with $3+ million in annual transactions. Created content management system for 25,000+ articles and 20+ domains. Managed contract developers and lead technical team of developers and system administrator (since 2011). Ported large legacy ColdFusion codebase to PHP while maintaining the CF application. Built interface between our web database and StrongMail, an email marketing appliance. Managed complete development cycle from requirements gathering to production install and maintenance. Created HTML and layout images from designer-created image documents.
Software Engineer / Systems Analyst
BAE Systems - Bankruptcy Noticing Center
August 1999
October 2007
Build and maintain web-based tools and public sites in a Solaris-AOLserver-Informix-Tcl environment. Maintenance and code reviews for C/Tcl codebase that sends millions of legal notices, both printed and electronic, weekly. Ported and enhanced operator's web interface from existing Java to Tcl. Built public sites, such as project homepage and an application allowing sign-up for electronic noticing. Create dynamic PDF and PostScript files via HTTP and within a command pipeline context. Participated in full development lifecycle, including systematic testing. Maintained library of noticing templates in troff and Rich Text Format Provided direct support to government customers Performed log and systems analysis
Developer & Partner
Fredericksburg Business Services
January 2002
January 2005
Traffic Manager
2121 Design
July 1997
June 1999
Office Assistant/Street Canvasser
Louisiana Citizen Action
August 1996
June 1997
Community Organizer
Louisiana Coalition for Tax Justice
October 1994
May 1997
Membership Intern/Phone Canvasser
June 1991
August 1991
East Tennessee State University
Masters of Arts
English Literature
McDaniel College
Bachelor of Arts
English, Writing, Religious Studies